Monday, July 27, 2009

General GD Topics

• US war on Iraq-justified or not.
• Role of UN in peacekeeping.
• Position of Women in India compared to other nations.
• Environment Management.
• Is China better than India in software?
• Should SONIA Gandhi be made the PM.
• BPOs in INDIA.
• Govt contribution to IT
• Will punch lines rule the Advt.?
• Premarital sex.
• is china a threat to Indian industry
• India or west , which is the land of opportunities
• Water resources should be nationalized.
• Effect of cinema on Youth
• Education in India compared to Foreign nations
• Is it necessary to ban COCO COLA in India?
• What is the effect of movies on youth? is it good or bad)
• Are studies more beneficial in India or in Abroad?
• "UN's peace activities" and "America's war on Iraq".
• "Environment-Who’s Responsibility".
• Is China a threat to the Indian software industry?
• Role of UN in Peace keeping
• War on Iraq
• About Hockey being the primary game in India
• Can America occupy Iraq
• Cricket should be banned or not.
• Present state of Indian Cricket team.
• Love marriage/Arranged marriage.
• Advantages of Co-education.
• How to deal with international terrorism.
• Should we pursue our policy of dialogue with Pakistan?
• Is peace and non-violence outdated concepts?

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