Sunday, April 19, 2009

ntdetec1.exe Virus

How to remove ntdetec1.exe virus

Most Common Symptoms Of Ntdetect1.exe Virus are:
1. Task Manager doesn’t open or it is blocked.
2. Regedit or registry editing has been disabled.
3. Folder Options are not visible under File Menu >> Tools

Let us see how we can delete ntdetect1.exe virus.

NTdetec1.exe executes itself with the following name list process.

Removal Procedure For Ntdetec1.exe
1. Open Start >> Run and type cmd and press enter.
2. Type the following commands :
taskkill /im cmrss.exe
taskkill /im ntdetec1.exe
taskkill /im shell32.exe
Note: Make sure you are in the operating system drive at your command prompt
run the following command.

attrib ntdetec1 -s -h /s /d

3. Locate the folder ntdetec1 in your operating system root directory and delete it permanently.
But you will need to delete the registry key associated with the virus (if it is present). For this go to Start > Run. Type regedit in run window and press enter. This will open registry editor. Locate the key as shown below and delete it.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\Explorer\ Run\"winlogon" = "C:\ntdetec1\run.exe"

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